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Balloons & Weddings

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Weddings are once in a life time and we promise to make your wedding a memorable one with our balloons. We have life size balloon sculpture of the groom and bride at the hall entrance to welcome the guest. In addition, we have a huge centerpiece that hangs high in the air, which add to the wow factor for the wedding. Balloons can be either fun and playful or beautiful and elegant.

A combination of balloons and tulle is a big hit at weddings nowadays! Have a wedding just like a princess and prince with soft fabric hanging down from the ceiling with our balloons. If you are looking for transportable balloons, how about our three footer, you can shift it around the wedding hall to your preference.

Often the cake table is the highlight of an event, where everybody is looking at the bride and groom. How about placing some balloon sculpture around the cake table? This will captivate the guests and make the photographs of bride and groom even more beautiful.

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