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How A Special Balloon Decoration Of Mine Is Helping To Boost Company Morale…

Hello leaders, superiors and chiefs of the corporate world,

My name is Rosie. And if you’ve read my previous articles (here and here), you would know that I’m a self-prescribed Balloon Maniac!

Basically, I specialise in creating balloon decorations for corporate events, ranging from formal functions to fun-filled celebrations!

And speaking of celebrations, one of my biggest orders come from staff members who want to thank their boss for his or her support.

It could be that the boss helped them achieve a certain KPI. Or it could just be a simple gesture of appreciation towards their superior for their support.

But these orders always touch my heart the most! It’s always lovely to witness instances of great boss-subordinate relationships.

But then it got me thinking…

Bosses get a lot of gifts from their team. But…

How can I help these bosses return the favour?

I’m quite sure it’s not just the staff who feel thankful to their leaders. I’m sure the appreciation goes both ways.

So I did the one thing this Balloon Maniac here does the best:

I started to experiment with my balloons.

I came up with many ways to create a fun design that would best express the boss’s gratitude to his or her team…

Until I found one that really works! And I call it:

The Balloon Bouquet.

Simply put, it’s an assortment of balloons that resembles a floral bouquet, which will be 100% customised according to your wishes!

You want to congratulate your team for a job well done? No problem.

You want to motivate your team for an upcoming project? Done.

Let me show you an example. Here’s a picture of one balloon bouquet I did for ___. This particular bouquet is arranged by ___ for their boss:


Heart-warming, right?

The great thing about the balloon bouquet is that it’s not just a simple replacement for floral bouquets. The bouquet can also include any message of your choosing!

And now, you can do the same for your team!

Whenever I meet up with corporate staff members who are getting a balloon bouquet for their boss, they always choose specific messages.


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