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The ONE Factor Most Corporate Event Planners Don’t Pay Enough Attention To!

ATTENTION:Corporate staff in party planning committees,

When you plan for office events and celebrations, what goes on your bucket list?

First, you’ll need to arrange and set a venue. Then you’ll need to think of food.

But the next most important thing is your decoration.Because they play one of the biggest roles in any event!

You may think decorations are simply part of the planning process. That it’s not a major concern. That no one will care anyway.

But the look and feel of an occasion or celebration matter more than most realise! Here are 3 ways decorations help to define an event:


When you first step into any event, which of your five senses is the first to get engaged?

Is it your sense of smell, from the aroma of the food? Maybe… If you’re close enough.

But most of the time, it’s your sense of sight. Your most important sense.

Your perception of an eventis hugely affected by visual imagery.

If a venue looks loud and cheery with tons of balloons, streamers and flowers, you become cheerful too. If an event is meant to be formal and professional, warm colours will encourage a calm and relaxing vibe within its attendees.

This means the setting could play a big role in framing the tone of your event. Which could affect how successful your event is perceived.

But decorations aren’t just about first impressions…


Close your eyes, and try to think of an event you’ve recently been to.

What’s your first memory?

It’s probably not the food (unless it’s exceptionally good or bad). Maybe you don’t even know what food was there!

But can you remember how the venue looked like?

Most of you would! Especially if it was well decorated.

So here comes the next question: Why? Why is it so much easier for you to recall how the setting and décor looked like?

Same reason as my first point! Decorations create long lasting impressions because itacts on your sense of sight.Theone sense that forms the bulk of your memories.

And if you appeal to this sense… You can control how people will remember your event.


Every business and company has a unique brand. A brand that is shaped by many factors.

And a great way to reinforce a brand is through its image! By using specific combinations of shapes, colours and décor, you can help shape an overall image of your company.

You may think of it as a mere visual representation of your label… But in the long term, how your brand is perceived will play a significant role in how others do business with you.

Decorations don’t seem like such a small deal now after all, right?

Picking the right kind of decorations can be a huge headache at times. There are so many factors to consider, and so many options to choose from.

But one decoration works in any event… And that’s balloons!

Why? Because balloons are the most versatile decoration you can utilise!You can put words on it. You can place your brand logo on it throughout the venue. And it stands out from other decorations!

However, many party organisers either underuse or misuse balloons as a decoration. They don’t know how to maximise the usage of balloons in their events…

And they don’t see that it could potentially enhance a company’s image to outsiders!

So if you’re interested to learn how to better use balloons in your events… And if you’re interested to learn how using balloons can actually impact your decorations in a positive way…

I’m more than happy to help! My name is Rosie, and I’m the founder of Balloon Maniac.

(You may also call me Balloon Maniac. I don’t mind.)

Drop me your name, contact number and email below, and this Balloon Maniac will come to your rescue within 2 days!

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